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Server Status Checker

Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line)

About Server Status Checker

This device is utilized to check different issues connect with your site as it really takes a look at the situation with the server. Enter upto 100 sites in the text region and it will show the HTTP status code and status for every site. Each server status code have an alternate importance. Different server status with their significance are given underneath:

1. 200: It implies the situation with your site is great and the server is returning the URL which you have mentioned.

2. 301: It implies that the location of your site has moved for all time to another location and every one of the areas as well as sub spaces ought to be diverted to the new area.

3. 302: It implies that an impermanent redirection has been tracked down by the server. This URL ought to be utilized again as it is not at all permanent.

4. 307: it is like 302.

5. 400: It implies terrible solicitation. It implies that the server isn't not able to comprehend the URL you are mentioning.

6. 401: Unapproved access.

7. 403: Illegal it implies that the server won't show you any happy until you are validated to get to that satisfied.

8. 404: Not found. It frustates everybody when they get this blunder as we don't obtain the outcome which we are searching for which essentially implies that the document which you are searching for isn't tracked down on the server.

9. 410: It is like 404.

10. 500: Inner Server Mistake. This blunder frutrates the site proprietor, web engineer as well as the individual who is visiting the site as this mistake is connected with the server and should be settled at the earliest opportunity.

The instrument's mass URL checker ability makes it much preferred device over some other on the web.